Selected Projects & Experience

  • Wrote Industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, for Subway Truck Parts, Sacramento, CA.

  • Conducted confirmation geologic mapping of the Holocene Alluvium for subflow analysis of the San Pedro River Basin, Arizona for U. S. Department of Justice.

  • Wrote and managed Water Conservation Plan and Urban Water Management Plan for Stinson Beach County Water District.

  • Wrote Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, managed permitting and regulatory approvals for the Fish Creek Streambed Restoration Project for the Vulcan Materials Corporation.

  • Conducted report writing and field support for the San Geronimo Creek Sediment Source Site Assessment.

  • Served as NEPA advisor for the Pyramid Lake Water Rights Transfer EA for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

  • Conducted Pyramid Lake Water Rights Transfers for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation.

  • Technical leader for the Round Valley Appraisal Level Practically Irrigable Acreage Analysis.

  • Conducted subflow and hydrogeologic cross section analysis on the Upper Gila River, Arizona.

  • Conducted sublfow analysis of the Blue Creek basin for litigation purposes for the Duck Valley Indian Tribes.

  • Performed hydrogeologic investigations of the Central Arizona Project Appraisal Level Ground-Water Analyses for the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

  • Wrote Central Arizona Project Ground-Water Assessment Proposal for extensive ground-water investigation and drilling program on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

  • Wrote scope of work and grant proposals for the Stinson Beach Urban Water Management Plan and Habitat Conservation Plan for the Stinson Beach County Water District.

  • Technical leader and writer for the Future Water Requirements, Agua Caliente Reservation, Riverside County, California report.

  • Technical manager and project coordinator for the Hood River Land Status Conveyance Environmental Assessment (NEPA) for the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon.

  • Technical manager and project coordinator for the Government Rock Land Status Conveyance Environmental Assessment (NEPA) for the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon.

  • Wrote Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, managed permitting and regulatory approvals for the Pacific Commons Wetland Restoration Project for the Cattelus Corporation.

  • Wrote Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, managed permitting and regulatory approvals for the Stevenson Parcel Wetland Restoration Project for the Cattelus Corporation.

  • Performed property assessments and prepared interrogatories for the Department of Justice/Gila River Indian Community Globe Equity Water Rights.

  • Wrote the Round Valley Ground-Water Basin Evaluation, Water Quality Assessment of Round Valley 305 (b) Report, and Subsurface Investigation Technical Memo for the Round Valley Indian Tribes, Covelo, CA.

  • Conducted the geologic and hydrogeologic reporting for the Santa Margarita Recharge and Recovery Enhancement Program for the United States Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA.

  • Produced the 97-005 Policy Guidance for Direct use of Extremely Impaired Sources Evaluation Process, San Gabriel Wells 1 and 2 for the Southern California Water Company.

  • Conducted the Gila River Decreed lands Analysis and is currently conducting a subflow analysis of the same river for the United States Department of Justice.

  • Investigated the feasibility for conducting a Reservation wide Environmental Assessment for the Northern Ute Indian Tribe.

  • Conducted an expert witness review of the Lockheed Propulsion Company Redlands Tort Litigation.

  • Conducted an evaluation of the drinking water source and wellhead protection for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation.

  • Designed and implemented numerous State and Federal regulatory-approved work plans for determining the extent of soil and ground water contamination.

  • Wrote and implemented RCRA-based sampling plans for sewage lagoons at Holloman Air Force Base and process equipment at Rocky Mountain Arsenal; reviewed and recommended changes to Rocky Mountain Arsenal Structures Future Use/No Future Use Report.

  • Produced ENPA and CERFA reports for Tooele Army Depot — North, coordinated information and utilized data for On-Post/Off-Post Oversight Task, Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

  • Responsible for conducting over 50 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Phase I Ecological Site Assessments.

  • Directed multiple Phase II environmental sampling and Phase III environmental site remediation projects; duties include business development, proposal preparation, project management, sample collection, sample analyses, report preparation and regulatory closure.

  • Coordinated technical support during Phase I, II and III field operations at Dugway Proving Ground and Tooele Army Depot — South active Dept. of Defense facilities; responsible for well installation and development, water and soil sampling, sample logging and sample control in areas of unexploded ordnance.

  • Conducted numerous geologic investigations utilizing a wide variety of ground penetrating techniques and documentation methods.

  • Supervised a variety of biological data collections including species distributions, survivorship studies, vegetation classification, vegetation mapping and stocking rate sampling. Studied environs ranged from desert to riparian and were conducted in many types of weather. Statistical analyses were performed on each individual study and all studies were documented according to scientific journal guidelines.

  • Responsible for performing mass archaeological excavations and transect surveys for prehistoric and historic inventories of US Forest Service lands. Responsibilities included finding, drawing, collecting and describing artifacts.

  • Responsible for inventory of cave biota; survey and mapping caves; exploration, discovery and dye tracing of cave streams; conducted cave-related research in ten countries, nine US states and eight National Parks.

  • Responsible for all aspects of creating, planning, leading and participating in three major expeditions in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra; outcomes included the discovery of 40 caves; mapping of 24 miles of cave passage; the discovery of many new species of fish, frogs, snakes and insects; involving participation from 50 sponsors, 50 scientists and related professionals; met with top-ranking Malaysian officials; produced two videos for television; Borneo project created a Malaysian National Park and was documented by National Geographic magazine (9/98).

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